Useful Commands

Command Example Description
/help   Displays list of commands.
//setpw <password> //setpw myawesomepassword Sets the entry password for the server. Leave empty to clear.
/reset   Resets the interface if it broke.
//mute <player> //mute player Mute player.
//unmute <player> //unmute player Unmute player.
//asay <text> //asay Hello everyone! Displays a big message in the center of the screen. Leave empty to clear. This command can be very useful to gain players attention.
//mode <mode>   Change the game instantly mode.
//ban <player> //ban player Ban and blacklist a player.
//kick <player> //kick player Kick a player from the server.
//addtime <minutes> //addtime 10 Add time to the time attack timer, negative time to remove.
/maps   Open the map list.
/jukebox   Open the jukebox.
//vote <text> //vote Do you like pizza? Start a vote with a custom text.
//skip   Skip to the next map instantly.
//res   Queue the current map for replay.
//add <mx-id> //add 3425 Add a track from Trackmania Exchange.
//addpack <pack-id> //addpack 325 Add all tracks from a map pack from Trackmania Exchange.
//addpoints <points> //addpoints 50 Add points to the points limit, negative number to remove.
//msm   Open the match settings manager where you can load match configurations.
//shuffle   Randomize the current map list order.

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