Fullspeed Mapping tips and tricks!

Let's start with a general definition of Fullspeed: Racing on a map that has no intended braking or RNG based elements with the focus on high speed and precision.

To learn fullspeed mapping it's important to realise a couple of things:


1. Blocks


There are a lot of blocks in trackmania, the way you use, wich one to use and how you place them can be quite the challenge! To start with there are 4 ways to place a block. The options are shown in the bottom left of your screen in the editor.


1. Block mode: This is the standard blockmode and is the most used in mapping to build elements and anything that just involves connecting one block to another

2. Ghost block mode: This is allows for blocks to be placed in eachother or on top of eachother. This is still on the normal grid and does not allow blocks to be rotated.

3. Free block mode: This is the most freedom you are going to get in this game, this feature allows you to rotate, place and connect any block at any place/angle you can imagine. This is a feature you should only use when you cannot use one of the options above or when you are using it for a very specific purpose. Overusing this feature might result in bugs and lower quality maps.

4. Air block mode: Removes the feature that connects placed blocks to the ground and allows for crossing over previously placed block without blocking them.


Trackmania knows multiple surfaces you can drive on:


1- These black blocks are the only block that differs in height to all the other blocks, without having to resort to free mode, they are hard to use because there are only a limited amount of blocks that are available. It's also harder to see skids on this so dont do any large SD's on the black surfaces. Use the black blocks for transitions or scenery, i wouldn't recommend doing a full track with these.

2- Grassblocks should be used sparingly in FS, there are very fringecases of use for this block but in general i would not use these unless you are going for a themed map or are forcing some sort of slide.

3- Ice, one of the new surfaces in the new Trackmania. Ice is very difficult to navigate and is really not that usefull in fullspeed as of now. Maybe later on we find a good use for this block but for now i would stay away from iceblocks.

4- Dirt, i think dirt is the most compatible with fullspeed, still it doesnot have a lot of uses, there are a few instances where it might call for a dirtblock or dirtpart. But that would already go more to the funspeed section of FS. In general dirt is most compatible so if you are looking for something to start a slide or something like that it's usefull.

5- Platfor/road, the real bae of FS, best and easyest surface to make an FS track with. The platform and road in this game are on the same height so you can freely interchange between them and i would recommend a good mixture of road and platform to make sure your track is not monotone. 

2. Loops

Loops are a classic feature in Fullspeed mapping. Here are some guidelines to help you use loops the best way possible!