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Clubs in Trackmania offer many features for communities, clans and esports organisations. Here you can find all they have to offer.


Clubs offer three levels of privacy:

  • Public - Open to everyone: This makes your club join-able by everyone
  • Private - Accept requests: This lets people send membership requests - you have to approve members manually
  • Private: This makes the club private and no more people can send join requests. Use this while setting things up.

Member roles

In Clubs, there are several member roles which define the permissions of what that specific member can do in the club. See the table below to see what each role allows you to do within a club.

Permission Applicant2 Member Content Creator Admin Creator
Administration / Change club details       X X
Delete the club         X
Upload maps   X X X X
Moderate uploaded maps     X X X
Upload car skins   X X X X
Apply car skins X1 X X X X
View news articles X1 X X X X
Write news articles       X X
Play club campaigns X1 X X X X
Create/edit club campaigns       X X
Play on club rooms X1 X X X X
Create/edit club rooms       X X

1 Only if the activity is set to public.

Applicant role is only available if the club's privacy is set to "Private - Accept requests".
They are normal players and are not counted as members of the club.

Car skins

Privacy settings: Public / Private

Clubs allow communities to provide the public or their members the ability to change their car skins to provided ones.

Each club comes with a skin activity that allows club members and above to upload car skins, that can then either be set to only be available for club members or for the general public.

Map uploads

Privacy settings: Public / Private

The map upload activity allows club members to share their latest maps with other club members before releasing them publicly via club campaigns or third-party sites like Trackmania Exchange.

Club campaigns

Privacy settings: Public / Private

This feature allows users to share their own campaigns comprised of up to 25 maps with the public or with other club members. 
Club campaigns feature leaderboards similar to Nadeo's Seasonal Campaigns or the Track of the Day.

News articles

Privacy settings: Public / Private

Clubs feature the possibility to create news articles, these can contain images as well.

Club rooms

Privacy settings: Public / Private

Club rooms are probably the main selling point of clubs. They are what allows you to host dedicated servers and gives Standard and Club Access players access to online servers that aren't only running Nadeo's maps.

There are three different ways to set up a club room:

  • Club rooms: Those are servers hosted by Nadeo, similar to lobbies in Trackmania Turbo
  • Dedicated servers: Those are your typical Dedicated Servers, which can be hosted on your local computer or a server.
  • Club campaigns: Lets you create a club room based on a club campaign.


Clubs can be customized to make them stand out - this customization also applies to club campaigns and club rooms and can even be used on Dedicated Servers.

The available options and the required formats can be seen below:

  1. Logo - Displayed top left of the club screen
    Recommended size: 512x512px - Allowed formats: PNG, JPEG, DDS (DXT5)
  2. Decal - Displayed in club campaigns and club rooms on start, checkpoint and finish blocks (replaces TMGL logo)
    Recommended size: 1024x1024px - Allowed formats: PNG, JPEG, DDS (DXT5)
  3. Decal Sponsor 4x1 - Displayed at start and finish blocks where the sponsors are (replaces TMGL logo)
    Recommended size: 1024x256px - Allowed formats: PNG, JPEG, DDS (DXT5)
  4. Screen 16x9 - Displayed on the jumbotron screens on each end of the stadium
    Recommended size: 1920x1080px - Allowed formats: DDS (DXT5)
  5. Screen 8x1 - Displayed on the stadium's stands
    Recommended size: 2048x256px - Allowed formats: DDS (DXT5)
  6. Screen 16x1 - Displayed under the stadium's jumbotron screens
    Recommended size: 4096x256px - Allowed formats: DDS DXT5)
  7. Vertical - Displayed in the list of your clubs
    Recommended size: 720x928px - Allowed formats: PNG, JPEG, DDS (DXT5)
  8. Background - Displayed as background image of the club overview
    Recommended size: 1920x1080px - Allowed formats: PNG, JPEG, DDS (DXT5)