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The server communicates with the controller through callbacks/events. Some of the more important events are preprocessed by EvoSC to make them easier to use. All those events called "Hooks" will be listed below.

Registering a Hook

To bind a method to an EvoSC-Hook or TM-Event, you simply call

Hook::add('NameOfHookOrEvent', [FullyQualifiedClassName, 'methodName');

inside the start method of the module.

You can always create a hook for the methods listed in


Name Passed arguments Description
PlayerConnect Player $player Called when a player spawns in the server
PlayerDisconnect Player $player Called when a player leaves the server
PlayerFinish Player $player, int $timeInMilliseconds, string $checkpointsCommaSeparated Called when a player finishes or resets, then the time is 0
PlayerCheckpoint Player $player, int $timeInMilliseconds, int $checkpointNumber, bool $isFinish Called when a player passes a checkpoint
PlayerStartCountdown Player $player Called when the 3-2-1-countdown starts for a player
PlayerPb Player $player, int $timeInMilliseconds Called when player drives a new personal best
BeginMatch - Called when the countdown/match starts
EndMatch - Called when the match ended
BeginMap Map $map Called when a map starts and when EvoSC boots
EndMap Map $map Called when a map ends
MatchSettingsLoaded string $matchSettingsFile Called when a match-settings is loaded
AddedTimeChanged int $addedSeconds Called when the timelimit was in/decreased
MapPoolUpdated - Called when the maplist changed
MatchTrackerUpdated Collection $scores Called when scores affecting the match changed (player finished with better time, got points, etc...)
MapQueueUpdated Collection $mapsInQueue Called when a map was added/removed to/from the jukebox
WarmUpStart - Called when the warmup phase starts
WarmUpEnd - Called when the warmup phase ends
AnnounceWinner Player $winner Called on match end, when the winner is decided
ShowScores Collection $allPlayersThatParticipatedInMatch Called when ther end result is displayed after the match ended
GroupChanged Player $player Called when the group of a player was changed