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Admin Controls

EvoSC provides several ways for you as an admin to manage players and the match during competitions.


Command Example Description
//mute <player> //mute playername Mute player.
//unmute <player> //unmute playername Unmute player.
//ban <player> //ban playername Ban and blacklist a player.
//kick <player> //kick playername Kick a player from the server.
//addtime <minutes> //addtime 10 Add time to the time attack timer, negative time to remove.
//addpoints <points> //addpoints 50 Add points to the points limit, negative number to remove.
//skip   Skip to the next map instantly.
//res   Queue the current map for replay.



The scoreboard has various admin controls for easy access:


The scoreboard offers flow control of the game as well as buttons for moderating players. Depending on the current game mode running, the flow controls like Force end of round may or may not show.

Flow Control  
Force end of round This instantly ends the current round and skips to the next one.
Reset Match Reset all points and times gathered by the players and start the whole match from fresh again.
Skip Map Skips instantly to the next map.
Player Control  
Mute Mute/Unmute the player, which prevents them from sending messages in the chat.
Ban Ban and add the player to the blacklist.
Kick Disconnect the player.


Sends the player a warning.
Force Spec Forcefully put the player in spectator mode.


During warmup admins have the option to instantly skip it at any time by clicking the Skip WarmUp button in the warmup widget:



During team mode, EvoSC offer admins a bunch of control over teams and the flow of the match. This is provided by the team controls widget as shown in this image:


Team Controls 

-1, +1Add or remove points from the teams. The color indicates which team it is for.
Setup TeamsConfigure team information like color and names.
Balance TeamsAutomatically balance teams that are uneven in size.
Game Settings 
HornsToggle the ability for players to use their horns.
Game Flow 
Start Match 
Stop Match 
Reset MatchReset all points and times gathered by the players and start the whole match from fresh again.
Skip MapSkips instantly to the next map.