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Download & Installation

EvoSC is currently unstable on windows systems and may not work as intended, or at all. Install at your own risk.


The following are the system requirements you will need to install and run EvoSC.

  • PHP version at least 7.4
    Here are some guides to install PHP 7.4 on common operating systems:
  • PHP Modules: simplexml, mbstring, gd, dom, mysqlpcntl, curl
  • (Optional) If you want to setup the music server, you will need a web server like Apache or Nginx. You can most likely find these easily in the package manager for your operating system.
  • Git. Again, you can find this in the package manager of your OS.
  • MySQL database server (MariaDB for example).
  • The ManiaPlanet/Trackmania dedicated server. For a guide on how to setup a dedicated server check out the tutorial for setting up a server on Windows or Linux.


Before starting the preparation, make sure you have all the requirements listed above.

MySQL Database

You will need a MySQL database set up for EvoSC. The following is a simple process for setting up your first database to be used with EvoSC. Make sure you remember or note down your database name and user login info as you will need this later in the setup process. This guide assume you are running EvoSC on the same machine as your MySQL server.

  • Connect and login to your MySQL server with a user that can create databases.
  • Create a database, here we name our database evosc:
CREATE DATABASE evosc CHARACTER SET UTF8mb4 collate utf8mb4_unicode_ci;
  • Create a database user for evosc, here the name of the user is evosc: 
CREATE USER 'evosc'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'your password';
  • Grant the user all access to the new database:
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON evosc.* TO 'evosc'@'localhost';

(Optional) Dedimania

If you are running a ManiaPlanet server, you might want to set up the Dedimania records widget.

  1. Go to this page and login with maniaplanet:
  2. Click the Register your dedicated servers button.
  3. Follow the instructions to register your server and note down the DedimaniaCode it gives you.

By default Dedimania will only register any records in the top 30 only. If you want to raise this ceiling you will have to donate to Dedimania, more information can be found here

(Optional) Music Server

The music server provides EvoSC with custom music to be played on the server. For this you will need a web server, either Nginx or Apache will suffice (check requirements above).

  1. If you want to create a directory in your web files of your web server, this is the time to do it.
  2. Go to the directory you made in step1, or just the web root if not.
  3. Download the music server here and extract the zip file.
  4. Note down the URL pointing to the music server. Use this URL later in the installation process.

Installation with git

Git is currently the only way to install and update EvoSC, here is how you do it:

  1. Open the terminal and go to or create a directory where you want EvoSC to be installed.
  2. Clone the repository with git: git clone
    There are currently two versions of EvoSC. You have the the master or the development branch. The master branch usually contains the most stable version, but the development branch has all the latest changes and features. If you want to use the development branch you can check it out with git checkout develop.
  3. The previous step will create a new directory EvoSC, cd into it: cd EvoSC
  4. Run the composer setup: composer i --no-dev
  5. Start EvoSC for the initial installation process: php esc run
  6. Follow the setup guide which EvoSC provides.

What's Next

To learn more about how the controller works and how you can customize it, check out Getting Started.