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Tutorial - How to create a GPS

Track Editor

A GPS is a ghost you import into your map, which can be attached to a trigger and let players see exactly how you can drive the map or find the route of your map. It is something that can be extremely useful for more complex maps or new players starting with t...

Useful Links

Welcome to Evo!

Here are some useful links to help you navigate around the Evo community. - This is our home page. - This wiki, home for helpful resources for Trackmania and Evo. - Our discord ...

Download & Installation

EvoSC Users Guide

EvoSC is currently unstable on windows systems and may not work as intended, or at all. Install at your own risk. Requirements The following are the system requirements you will need to install and run EvoSC. PHP version at least 7.4Here are some guides t...

Updating Existing Installations

EvoSC Users Guide

Updating with git To update an existing installation with git do the following: Open a terminal and go to the directory of your EvoSC installation. Enter: git pull Update composer: composer install --no-dev Restart EvoSC, you can use the in-game command...

Getting Started

EvoSC Users Guide

If you have not installed EvoSC already, you can follow this guide. Bugs, issues or suggestions If you found a bug or have a issue with EvoSC, please make a report in the Github issues: If you also have a suggestion or ...

Text Styling


Text in Trackmania can be styled in almost any place you can think of. You may style the name of your map, your nickname or even your chat messages! This guide will give you all you need to get started with text formatting and styling. Syntax All styling is ...

Useful Commands

EvoSC Users Guide EvoSC Competition Guide

Command Example Description /help   Displays list of commands. //setpw <password> //setpw myawesomepassword Sets the entry password for the server. Leave empty to clear. /reset   Resets the interface if it broke. //mute ...


EvoSC Users Guide EvoSC Competition Guide

Commands Command Example Description /maps   Open the map list. /jukebox   Open the jukebox. //add <tmx id> //add 2352 Add a track from Trackmania Exchange. //addpack <pack id> //addpack 352 Add all tracks f...

Admin Controls

EvoSC Users Guide EvoSC Competition Guide

EvoSC provides several ways for you as an admin to manage players and the match during competitions. Commands Command Example Description //mute <player> //mute playername Mute player. //unmute <player> //unmute playername U...

Match Settings

EvoSC Users Guide EvoSC Competition Guide

Match settings is the core configuration for all game modes and matches in Trackmania. This is where you configure how the match will play out. Match Settings Manager The server's match settings is a tool that allows you to create, edit and load different ma...